Working safely is our #1 priority.

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Video Production

We promote the corporate brand, industrial processes, machines, employees in the workplace, legal documentation and manufacturing techniques.

Services available are filming, scripting, site scouting, locating talent, editing, color grading, titling, video packaging or the creation of RAW video for agency final packaging. 

Most client-produced video is created under confidentiality agreements. Therefore, video posted publicly here is limited. Mark produced, filmed, and packaged the video shown below to client specifications.

Mark Davis is experienced, safety-trained, insured, and an FAA Part 107 certified drone pilot.

For best viewing quality for the video posted below, manually update your YouTube settings to HD1080P. The auto setting generally results in poor viewing quality.

Industrial Videography Service Types:

Advertising, Architectural, Aerial, Construction, Progression, Maritime Vessels, Mining, Energy, Oil, Hospitality, Healthcare, Products, Steel Mills, Chemical Plants, Paper Mills, Machine Shops, Industrial Manufacturing Processes, Commercial Real Estate, and Transportation.

Commercial Video

What can video do for you?

Professional video has proven to increase sales.

Research indicates product video increase conversion over the same product pages with only static images. Product videos are more engaging and consumers are more likely to spend time on your website. The viewer is then 65-85% more likely to make a purchase. An effective product video will attract and keep the attention of consumers, therefore increasing sales potential.

Mark has the experience and equipment to create quality videos for your corporate marketing. 

The video productions shown were created, filmed, and produced by Mark Davis with direct input from the client's marketing team. 

Mark explains how video production works and how to keep production costs low on the information page.


Underground Mining

Lexington, KY
Strawberry Plains, TN


Chemical Plant Stack Lift

Pace, Florida


1,102 still images combined to video hyper-lapse

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