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Industrial Photography

Photography and video production for corporate America. We create visual imaging of products, machines, employees in the workplace, and manufacturing processes.

A specialized field of visual imaging for businesses to communicate manufacturing processes with customers and other businesses, or for in-house communications, to showcase equipment, processes, machines, and employees at work.

- FAA Part 107 certified drone pilot
- TSA credentialed TWIC card holder for access to highly secure areas

Experienced, insured, and safety-trained.

See Construction Time-Lapse Photography here

Manufacturing Processes

Paper Mills, Chemical Plants, Steel Mills, Rail Yards, Power Plants, River Ports

Experienced Working Safely in Dirty & Dangerous Locations

Wears PPE... Including Five Point Harness... in a Lift... Sometimes... All Day...
TWIC   Cardholder

Service Types

Aerial, Construction, Workers, Progression, Maritime, Vessels, Mining, Energy, Oil, Environmental Portraiture, Legal Documentation.

Experience working at the following locations

Steel Mills, Chemical Plants, Paper Mills, Machine Shops, Manufacturing and Transportation.

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