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Corporate Video Production

Mark Davis promotes the corporate brand, industrial processes, machines, employees in the workplace, legal documentation, and manufacturing techniques.

Services available are filming, scripting, site scouting, locating talent, editing, color grading, titling, video packaging, or the creation of RAW videos for the agency's final packaging. 

Most client-produced video is created under confidentiality agreements. Therefore, the video posted publicly here is limited. Mark produced, filmed, and packaged the video shown below to client specifications.

 - FAA Part 107 certified drone pilot
 - TSA credentialed TWIC cardholder for access to highly secure areas

What can video do for you?

Professional video has proven to increase sales.

Research indicates product video increase conversion over the same product pages with only static images. Product videos are more engaging and consumers are more likely to spend time on your website. The viewer is then 65-85% more likely to make a purchase. An effective product video will attract and keep the attention of consumers, therefore increasing sales potential.

Mark has the experience and all the equipment to create quality videos for your corporate marketing. 

The video productions shown below were created, filmed, and produced with direct input from the client's marketing team. 

Mark explains how video production works and how to keep production costs low on the information page

Construction Time-Lapse Video
Four Nikon cameras, each creating 1 image
every 10 minutes, 12 hours a day for 6 days a week.
All cameras are controlled remotely from a computer.
End result: 65,000 publishable high-quality 
still photographs for corporate marketing use, and
a 4-minute time-lapse video showcasing
10 months of construction from dirt to completion.

Corporate Promotional Video

International Cargo Plane

Corporate Video Production Service Types:

Advertising, Architectural, Aerial, Construction, Progression, Legal, Maritime Vessels, Mining, Energy, Oil, Hospitality, Healthcare, Products, Steel Mills, Chemical Plants, Paper Mills, Machine Shops, Industrial Manufacturing Processes, Commercial Real Estate, and Transportation.

Corporate Video T-Mobile Logistics Warehouse


Industrial Mine Video

Two miles underground in the mines of Kentucky and Tennessee

Construction Stack Lift Video

Chemical Plant Construction in Florida

Hyper-Lapse Video

1,102 still images create this hyper-lapse video.

Corporate Video Production Services
Corporate Video Production NYC
Corporate Event Video Production
New York City Corporate Video Production
Corporate Video Production Company New York
Corporate Video Production Dallas
Corporate Video Production In New York
Professional Corporate Video Production
New York Corporate Video Production

In today's dynamic promotional landscape, the days of radio and newspapers taking center stage in publicity are long gone. Corporate video production services have emerged as the primary source of advertising and inspiration, with over a billion people watching videos online—an astounding shift that has displaced the dominance of audio and newspapers. This global transformation signifies the universal appeal and impact of visual media.

The strategy of utilizing visual media has strengthened the viewer's inclination toward corporate video production, leading businesses to recognize the need to present their products visually and educate consumers about their significance. As a result, corporate event video production has become an enduring necessity in the market.

Even in the era of internet dominance, where audio-visual information is primarily sourced online, nearly 50% of internet users seek product or service-related videos before making in-store purchases.


While conveying a story through newspapers may not be the quickest promotion strategy, visually telling that tale in seconds—perhaps 30 or fewer—is highly effective. A creative and educational video produced by a corporate video production company in NYC has the potential to attract more viewers due to its high-quality content. Explainer films serve as an excellent way to introduce new products or educate viewers about their benefits, garnering attention and interest.


The need for extended hours is unnecessary when great content can leave a lasting impression in just a few seconds. A visually captivating corporate video production company in New York can create a video that generates the same excitement needed to persuade viewers to desire the promoted goods.


Developing a brand image for your product is best accomplished by having it produced by a corporate video production company that works in Dallas as well as other cities and rural locations in the United States. A poorly done video can damage your product's reputation, making the choice of a reputable production company crucial. Brand image solidifies as your product successfully navigates this transitional marketing phase.


Curiosity drives many to watch informative videos, offering a thorough understanding of the product. Through platforms like Instagram, YouTube, or other social media networks, users can express their opinions on videos. This interaction forms a mutually beneficial link between the viewer and the company through corporate video production in New York and other locations.


Today, video holds far more significance than a decade ago when it merely explained a product on TV. Skilled filmmakers understand how to create original content, optimized for social media through visual storytelling. Corporate video production allows you to present your company's offerings to a global audience and observe their reactions.

Businesses seeking to leverage the power of video marketing can greatly benefit from collaborating with top notched New York corporate video production companies that travel to any location in the United States to make your corporate brand stand out. These companies bring superior production skills, experience, and internet exposure, producing customized and high-quality material. A compelling corporate video can significantly impact your viewers, helping your business succeed by building brand awareness.

Therefore, investing in an experienced corporate video production business with experience travelling to all cities in the United States for clients like you is a brilliant move. It ensures that your company's unique story is brought to life with grace and originality, creating a lasting impression on your target audience and setting you apart from competitors.

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