Why Retain Mark Davis


Once or twice a year a potential client will call. They have used a different inexperienced photographer. They are in a bind and need Mark's help. This caused the client delay and over budget situations that could have been avoided.

These clients unknowingly used an inexperienced commercial photographer, but didn't know it until either the photographer arrived on the job site, or discovered the same at time of image delivery.

Maybe the other photographers had an excellent reputation as a local wedding/portrait photographer or it could have been they were only a "person with a camera" claiming commercial photography experience.

Whatever the reason, the client needed Mark's help.

Three Examples

Here are three actual real life situations where a client called Mark. All three retained Mark to re-shoot a project an inexperienced photographer didn't timely complete for them.

#1 Local photographer arrives to industrial site in shorts and flip-flops

One client advised they had retained a local photographer. He arrived at the industrial site wearing shorts and flip-flops. He was turned away at the guard gate, and denied entry, of course. Then, he yelled at the client for the job site having “stupid rules.” 

#2 Local photographer arrives demanding to shut down manufacturing production

Another client advised they retained a local photographer that arrived at a manufacturing facility demanding to shut down the production line for 6-8 hours to set up lighting equipment. Of course, his request was denied. His photographic quality wound up being unacceptable to the client. He just didn’t know how to light photographs in an industrial setting. This photographer was a well known local studio portrait photographer in the same city of the project site location.

#3 Local photographer claimed industrial experience 

The third client advised they retained a well established regional wedding photographer that advertised industrial location experience. Mark also initially quoted this project. However, the client first went with the wedding photographer instead. Several weeks later the client called Mark again requesting availability. Simply, the told Mark they had made an error. The images of the previous photographer were unsuitable for advertising use. This caused production delays for the client with the printed material not being ready until 48 hours prior to the trade show. It caused a significant over budget issue for the client due rush fees charged by the marketing material printer.

Don't delay your project or go over budget with using inexperienced photographer.

Mark Davis is experienced, safety trained and provides consistent publication quality, every time!


Existing client's consistently tell Mark when comparing his expertise, image quality and price -  to that of other photographers with similar experience - Mark is the specialist they select.

Often Mark receives calls from first time clients unsure exactly what needs done or how to go about it.

Mark Knows, not only the photography aspect, but also fair and reasonable pricing. Mark taught the “Business Aspects of Photography” as an adjunct college photography instructor.

Mark has the experience to photograph your request in a timely and professional manner. He will complete it accurately and with flexibility, on time and within budget.

"It is the photographer, not the camera, that is the instrument." ~ Ansel Adams


Will provide a detailed written estimate with a 100% complete satisfaction guarantee

Will provide a written use license for your company marketing needs.

Will be fair and reasonable on pricing.

Promises your photographs will be timely delivered and equal to or exceed the same quality displayed on this website.

Will be professionally dressed for the project. 

In locations that requires it, will arrive wearing flame resistant clothing, steel-toed boots, safety glasses or hard hat. 

For executive events, Mark will be dressed in business attire. 

Is safety trained in industrial and manufacturing locations. 

Will never request you to delay or stop company production.

Will never unnecessarily expend a clients money on a project.

Will arrive knowing exactly how to timely accomplish creating high-impact, publication quality photographs.

Will make all reasonable attempts to work within your budget.

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