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Typical Estimate / Day Rate

I am often asked what is a typical estimate? What is your day rate?

There is no typical estimate. Day rates, once the standard used by photographer's is no longer standard. Instead, estimates are determined by scope of the project dependent on specific facts.

To provide an accurate estimate the most important information needed is an image shot list with specific project details. Most clients call so early in the planning stages they have yet to establish a shot list. Or, they are calling for another person and haven't been provided the details. Due my experience, once I have the general idea of a project, often times after talking by telephone, I know what needs done, how it needs completed and what the estimate will be.

Many clients are ad agencies and creative designers that regularly retain commercial photographers and have knowledge of established rates for projects. However, many requests come froom small business owners or in-house marketing departments, which may not be accustomed to retaining a commercial photographer. Likewise, they many know know exactly how licensing for photography works. If you are in this category, I offer the following:

What if you retain an inexperienced commercial photographer that requires interrupting company production to complete the project?

What if you are not provided accurate licensing for your project?

Estimate Graphic

What if you retain a hobbyist aerial UAS (drone) pilot that doesn't have proper equipment or training to fly safely?

Do you know the FAA civil penalty (fine) for the person (company) who causes the (unsafe drone) operation is $11,000.00 per violation.

How much would the above impact your budget or impact your company brand in a negative way?

I have specialized knowledge to provide you with high impact publication quality photographs/video that always includes working safely and with accurate licensing.

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