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I have the experience and ability to create high impact publication quality photographs without interrupting manufacturing production at commercial and industrial locations. One industrial project manager indicated stopping production would cost his company five thousand dollars per hour. On a different project, a request was made to photograph a commercial high speed machine encased in plate glass that ran 24/7. Removing the glass was my preference, but not an option. Due loss of production in the millions of dollars. (See machine at tearsheets page here.  The one about '1 billon+ products shipped'.) For both requests I used my technical abilities to create photographs that exceeded client expectations. Most importantly neither company incurred any loss of production.

I am knowledgeable with regard to legal contracts and licensing requirements for commercial marketing photography and video.

With more than 20 years as a professional commercial and industrial photographer, I am knowledgeable with the going rates for most all types of photography. I have taught college level photography courses including business of photography for more than eight years.

I own, and use, specialized equipment for every project.

I use proprietary techniques learned through years of working on location in a variety of situations.

I honor confidentiality or non-disclosure agreements, when those are important to you.

I do not sell images created for you to any third party unless you agree and provide written permission. You will never go to a trade show and see photographs I created for you used by a competitor.


What about safety?

Yes, safety is at the top of my list for every project. I own and wear personal protection equipment (PPE): hard hat, safety glasses, flame resistant clothing, safety vests, etc.

Likewise, when photographing an executive event, I will arrive dressed professionally.


My goal is to work with you to exceed your expectations, while providing a reasonable living for my family. My previous clients have told me when receiving estimates from other photographers with similar experience, my estimates are reasonable, detailed and accurate. That is only one deciding factor. More important, in my clients words, they say just from talking with me, I am confident in my ability to complete their requests. This confidence places them at ease and assured I will provide quality photography and/or video that exceeds expectations. Equally important, I will not interrupt production.

The ultimate goal: Always collaborate with you to complete the project within budget, and create publication quality photography to increase your company brand exposure and revenue.

My goal is not to be the lowest priced photographer or the highest priced. I want to be in the middle, when giving consideration to my quality of work and experience. Regardless, be assured, I will always work to address all reasonable concerns you may have.

All work includes a written satisfaction guarantee.

I will work to accomplish all of the above in a cost conscience manner. I will never unnecessarily expend my client’s money.

Call me today at 1-866-491-1511. Consulting is free!

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